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The Little Bugs That Do A BIG Job!TM
Hardly See A Fly All Season
If you make Fly Predators and perhaps
a little “picking up” your primary fly
control, your animals will enjoy far fewer
flies all the time rather than just after
you spray them. Your need to resort to sprays will become occasional or even eliminated. However, sometimes you have no choice, so if you’re going to spray be smart about it, see
page 13.
A Great Value
The pouch shown above is enough for five horses for one month and costs just $19.95 delivered plus sales tax. Larger pouches for more animals
are available (we have customers with thousands of them)
and for most situations, the amount per horse above provides excellent control. Fly Predators are great for other animals too. Varying climates, starting late, neighboring animals or manure management can affect quantities required.
Optimum Start Is Just Before Flies
The optimum time to start is when the daytime highs get into the 60s. It’s always before the flies are a problem. By starting prior to the first fly hatch there will be relatively few viable
fly pupae that survived
the winter, so the ratio of Fly Predators to fly pupae (cocoons) is high.
This allows the
Fly Predators to reduce
the initial fly breeding
population to a very low
level, which can mean
fewer flies all summer. Then
continue with Fly Predator
shipments every three to four weeks, stopping a month before the daytime temps drop down into the low 60s. If you start after the pest flies have built up to high levels, an initial shipment of 2 to 3 times the normal quantity will be needed.
adjoining property
lines showed a dramatic difference. The horses were actually a “crow’s mile” apart, but the ones with the Fly Predators defending them had hardly a fly problem all summer, while the other horses were standing in the darkest part of their run-in shed, stomping and swishing their tails.” —Horse Journal
Female Fly Predators stop pest flies by laying their eggs in the fly’s cocoon (pupa) killing the immature fly.
By keeping the “good” Fly Predator population elevated, with regular releases, the “bad” pest fly population can be nearly eradicated. Shown 8x actual size. You’ll never see or notice Fly Predators.
Actual Size
1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 21-25 26-49
Fly Predators Cost
per Month
5,000 10,000 15,000 20,000 25,000
delivered plus sales tax
$ 19.95 $ 29.95 $ 39.95 $ 51.95 $ 61.95
$2.15/head/mo + ship
Above 50 head... phone for quote.
Optimum Starting Time For Fly Predators:
February March April May • 1-800-955-6197

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