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Flying SL Ranch
Radio, Cowboy
Music 24/7
Our Flying SL Ranch Radio features 24/7 Cowboy music, as well as poetry, horse tips, interviews, concerts, amusing Wild West anecdotes and much more. Streaming from our website to computers, iPhones and iPads.
This is music and content you won’t hear anywhere else.
Musicians and
poets presented include Michael Martin Murphey, Ian Tyson, Dave Stamey and many more! Our play list has the largest collection
of Cowboy music with over 12,000 songs.
Plus tips, instructions
and How To’s from famed Light Hands Horsemanship clinicians. Listen at:
Meet Zara, The
Fly Predator
Watch her video and learn all that you need to
know to be Fly Free the easy way.
Too Many Flies Last Year? Fly Predators Can Fix That
When you stop and think of all the things you bought last summer to help with flies, it
probably added up to real mone
lot of effort. And did it work wel
This year don’t do the same “ole” thing and get the e
Easy-to-use. Just sprinkle Fly Predators near all manure areas. It just takes a few minutes and you’ve done your fly control for the month.
same ole results of too many flies. Use Fly Predator brand beneficial insects. You’ll have fewer flies for sure and will probably spend less too.
a a
Quick and Easy-To-Use
Every three to four weeks during warm months you will automatically receive a Fly Predator
shipment. After they begin hatching, spend
a few minutes sprinkling them where flies reproduce.
These are places where there is (or was) fresh manure or other rotting organic matter like spoiled hay or grass clippings. Just getting close to these areas is good enough since
Fly Predators can travel 150 feet.
If your horses are pastured, put the Fly Predators out near their “favorite” potty spots as well as near the manure pile, corrals and barn area. No property is too big for Fly Predators.
No Pesticides, No Larvicides, No Worry
Using Fly Predators avoids any potential side effects from pesticides or feed thru larvicides. Just reading a pesticide warning label is perhaps the best advertisement for natural, organic Fly Predators. By contrast there is no warning label for Fly Predators.
The 3 species we ship in an optimized mix are: Muscidifurax raptorellus, Spalangia cameroni or Spalangia endius and Muscidifurax zaraptor. These are found throughout
North America so you likely already have some,
just not enough for full fly control. You’ve never noticed them since they don’t bother people
or animals or become a nuisance.
“I've used Fly Predators for 38 years and they have done a superb job on my place.” —Robert M. Miller, DVM, Thousand Oaks, CA

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