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Don’t Put Up With Flies Again!
Use Fly Predators®
This small pouch of
Fly Predators is enough for 5 horses for one month and costs just $19.95 delivered, plus sales tax.
Don’t Wait
Another Year
You know you’ll have flies again this summer. Rather than wait for the inevitable this year, make a change and see how much more enjoyable a “hardly-a-fly” summer can be.
Once someone tries
Fly Predators for at least three shipments, most use them
for as long as they have their animals. More than a few are now in their third decade of using Fly Predators. In fact the boarding stable featured in the first article about
Fly Predators in 1978 is still a
Fly Predators are tiny beneficial insects you sprinkle near manure areas once a month during warm weather. Fly Predators kill flies before they emerge, saving you from battling them all summer long.
They’re the safe, easy-to-use natural alternative to spraying gallons of pesticide or hanging endless traps, only to have flies keep coming back. And they will keep coming back because sprays,
baits and traps only affect the adult fly stage ignoring the 85% yet to emerge.
By comparison Fly Predators fix
the problem rather than just treat
the symptoms. They’re the ounce
of prevention that’s worth pounds
of cure. There’s no downside, only
upside, as Fly Predators do not bother either people or animals.
So if flies drive you and your horses crazy, try Fly Predators. You’ll soon know they’re the real
deal in fly relief. The difference is remarkable and
chances are you’ll spend less than you
did before.
For 41 years we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of horse and livestock owners control flies the smart, safe and easy way. Let us help you this year.
“I love Fly Predators cause I hate flies and we now have almost zero flies!” —Ken L. Castle Rock, CO customer since 2003
customer. See that article at:
— Tom Spalding, Chief Fly Guy

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